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Our Story

Wortex-Gaming is an Estonian eSport multi-gaming eSport organization, by gathering not only the top players but also by giving upcoming talent a chance to expand their gaming career. Wortex-Gaming was founded in the beginning of 2012 under the name 'Wortex-Gaming' in Estonia. We are continuously expanding our supported game titles and staff, and will be supporting many more titles in the near future.


Our ambitions and goals are to raise to the top of Esports scene in the world. But let’s be realistic and start slowly and earn our way to the top. Wortex-Gaming himself is trying to be the most EPIC and well established Esports organization in the Baltic states.


We started this because we're gamers. This means that we try to give a home and much more to other games. We're trying to support talented teams, give them a chance to perform on even higher level. We're Wortex-Gaming, We're here to Esport.


  • Mario Enni Chief Executive Officer Mario Enni
  • Lauri Leiten IT Director & CEO Lauri Leiten
  • Hendrik Põhjala Board Member Hendrik Põhjala
  • Marti Seinamets Head of Designers Marti Seinamets