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So have you been hungry for a fast paced PvE/PvP zombie slashing, parkour running, kill or be killed survival/unique battle royale game?
Look no further Techland’s has filled this void (while we wait for Dying light 2).

Genre: Action, Survival, Early Access
Developer: Techland
Publisher: Techland Publishing
Release Date: 13th September 2018 (Releases into Early Access)



The Price:

So at the moment this zombie smashing, parkour running simulator is on steam for 19.99€, for this price you will get the founders pack (and instant access to play):

As it is currently said, that after the official launch (fully launches in an estimated 4-6 months) of the game – it is going to be a free-to-play game, which would make a lot of sense.


You drop in -> Find Weapons -> Harvest Hives to Level Up -> Eliminate Other Players -> Evacuate.

12 drop-in only 1 evacuates! – Do you have what it takes to be the one who gets out?

Finding weapons and eliminating other players has been a BR mission and actually any game’s objective since the Dawn of Time. Bad Blood, mixes it up by throwing in some zombie PvE in there + you will have to fight zombies to get to the hives needed to level up to actually escape in the helicopter!

For the most part, Bad Blood looks and feels like Dying Light, player scavenging gear from houses, completing objectives and leveling up. As well as the usual zombies and mutant monsters there’s even human NPC foes to fight and loot as you are not teamed up anymore – you are pitted one against another!

If you have played Dying Light before, you know how important it is to slay the zombies as quite as possible, now on the other hand you will have 11 more actual players free-running the map, just thirsty for action and a loud entry to take the Hive, will not only attract zombies, but kill hungry players as well!

We are very happy to see that a Ranked option will be available soon as well, as this as always and in all games gives you the bragging rights among fellow players!

Also customization promises to be quite good, we can only hope that Techland will not skimp on variety of clothing, masks and weapon skins, so we will be able to “build” our Ultimate Free-running Scavenger!

The Conclusion:

This is still a game about fast parkour-style movement through a complex environment, getting from A to B and evading enemies with agility above all. Ranged weapons seem rare and guns seem rarer still, so most fights are resolved through close combat. Hopefully once it launches, the Developers will have added more maps!

If you have the resources support the Developers pick it up on steam, if not just wait a couple of months to join the fun!

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