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POSTED BY Mario Enni 2017-08-25

Since David ’Brodish’ Aström had to continue with his studies in the University. We had to make some line-up changes in the CS:GO team. After several tryouts by the team, CEYN has made a clear statement that they have managed to pick up a right & talented player for the team.


Tim ’ haeftig ’ Svensson will step-in for Brodish for 3 – months at this moment. We are really glad to have haeftig playing for us. We have managed to grab him for a little interview for you people, so here are the few questions what will introduce Tim as our new member.



Who are you?

I’m 22 years old lad from Sweden and I started playing CS 1.6 in 2009 just for fun and then it went on for a while. Then I started playing ladders with some friends. When CS:GO was released I didn’t really like it that much and took a break from cs for a whole year, untill I broke my arm and got back to Counter-Strike. About 6 months later I was invited to try for a team in April 2014 and have tried to reach the top with some various teams ever since that time.


How has your time been in the team for a month now?

It has been amazing, they are probably the funniest guys I have ever played with in a team. We can always make jokes and laugh and stuff and it’s never any hard feelings, but of course we are also serious when it counts, But yeah they are a bunch of nice and funny guys.


What do you think about SEASON 24 in ESEA Main , how will you perform?

I have never played in the main league before but I have pushed two teams to main before but for some private reasons the teams disbanded or I left so I’m really exited to try it out. I have practised against really good teams before and in this team and done well so I really have trust in my skill, team play and teammates.


How are you feeling yourself with this line-up?

I’m really confident with the team both as friends and as players. We have very good aimers in the team along with a fantastic in-game leader so I would say we have what it takes to compete with high tier teams.


Who is your favorite player?

Shox, I really liked how he came into the VeryGames lineup during NiP’s long ruling and made them rivals who always had to fight to win. He just caught my attention with his interesting play style and aim.

We wish Tim the very best from our side and hope that he will have some awesome time in the organization and in the team.

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