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POSTED BY Mario Enni 2017-08-25

We’re looking for an active Caster / Streamer to our lines, have you been looking for this kind of opportunity?

We’re looking for an active streamer. Have you been looking for this kind of opportunity?
It doesn’t matter where you from, when you speak fluent English and have tons of experience with streaming.

We want to get our Official Twitch channel LIVE!
This channel will not be used by only person but by many streamers who are willing to make a really awesome schedule

You’re ideal candidate if you:
1. have a working setup for streaming.
2. speak fluent English.
3. are an active streamer.
4. are passionate about e-sport.
5. are willing to do this as a freelancer.

How will we support you?
1. We will offer you our XSPLIT account with 1 year licence.
2. We will create all graphical content and scenes.
3. All donations will be going directly to you.
4. You will be a part of a really awesome community.

If you are interested then be sure to contact us via Discord Channel

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