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It’s almost here!
Memories of Mars launches into Early Access on the 5th of June on Steam for $29.99/£23.99/€29,99 depending on your region. The first Season for Memories of Mars begins in less than a week!

Genre: Action, Adventure, Early Access
Developer: Limbic Entertainment GmbH
Publisher: 505 Games
Release Date: 5 June 2018 (Releases into Early Access)


Now, I am not really that familiar with this game, it somehow has flown under my radar sort of speak…
But I did get to enjoy little bit of the BETA gameplay a while back, now I am really excited and can not wait till it releases on 5th of June (goes into Early Access!).

As the name suggests the Survival Game takes place on Mars.
The best way I would describe it, is Rust on Mars, you go through towns to gather materials, you build your base and enjoy PVP and PVE action.

The Start:

We start the game in a crashed spaceship, not knowing who or where we are. Instantly we get a gun and some ammo – suggesting things are gonna get fun real fast!
Exiting the aircraft, you can choose in which area you would like to spawn, you spawn on Mars and this is the first glimpse of the game world. The graphics are breathtaking!

(it is a .gif so it is what it is, the game looks way better!)

The Exploration is amazing in this game, the building part is quite similar to RUST, which is not a bad thing, as you will only gain getting into this game with some prior building experience!

Now the game seems very similar to Rust, but this is what Rust should have been a while ago, options like: Skill trees, Gunsmith, makes the game feel more free as you can “build” your character and have your take on the game! While playing with friends you can assign a role to each other and work as team to dominate Mars!

The “Season” mechanic:

In Memories of Mars one of the most important game mechanics is “Seasons”. At the core of it, a season is the time in between server wipes. But what does this exactly mean and what effect does it have to character progression?
When you start your adventure in Memories of Mars you’ll be starting as a newly awoken clone, almost naked. As the season progresses, you’ll be able to acquire FLOPS and use them in many ways in order to unlock talents and abilities, paying for your base maintenance and also in order to decrypt blueprints.

At some point however the season will end and this essentially means a resetting of the game world. Not everything will be wiped in between seasons, however a large portion of things will be reset.

Servers will always be wiped. This includes the following:
1. Player made buildings.
2. Vehicles.
3. Player Loot and storage.

Player characters will have the following wiped:
1. Inventory.
2. Recipes learned.

Seasons will be back to back, as soon as one season ends another will begin.
Players will be able to transfer the following between seasons:

FLOPS/Skill Tree: Players will progress through their skill tree as far as possible within a season. They are able to backup a certain amount of their spent FLOPS to be available to regain once the next season has started, thanks to the Memory Backup Center. The player can then reacquire some the skills they had in the previous season to continue progression of those categories. The player can also decide to redistribute those FLOPS to new skills or even use the FLOPS for other purposes.

Item storage: The player can also Save a small number of items to be available for the next season. The player does this by crafting an Emergency capsule device at their player made base. Once build and used the player can save a few items. To access these items once the next season comes along the player can craft a emergency supply tracker from a 3D printer. This tracker will show the location where the emergency supplies are buried.

Last but not least, every new season will bring additional content available to all Martians such as items, locations, enemies, events, and game mechanics.

Summarizing, consider seasons as a big game update which will allow to transfer across a portion of your progress and at the same time introduce more content, more gameplay mechanics and in general improve upon the whole game experience.

The Conclusion:

The little time that I had on the game, made me delete Rust from my PC and get excited to be a martian! The graphics alone makes me want to have this game, as little as you can, but at least you are able to carry on game progress after a server wipe which is a very nice touch!

We will be keeping an eye on this game and hopefully we will be able to find the time to broadcast it on Caffeine!

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