Overwatch team signed

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We have expanded our teams by signing Estonian Overwatch team to our lines. It’s important to keep the Organization growing & give up-coming talents a supportive hand on their journey to the top.

Team Captain Virus commenting:

The team itself is nice, all of us are having fun and we are trying to get better in every way.

At start we had some communication problems, since we didn't know each other that well, but now we can speak much more freely.

We train hard by participating on ESL Overwatch leagues & tournaments. We’re also playing a lot of scrims against other high level teams.

We haven't been very lucky with the tournaments, as we usually win 1-2 games and then lose the next, since the skill difference with other teams is often huge.

With scrims things have been much better, although we still lose a lot, but that's because we pick high tier teams so we could learn new strategies, find our mistakes and fix our plays.

Currently we are qualified for Mängudeöö finals. Mängudeöö takes place on the 8th of April.

In the finals there are 4 teams, including Boom Esports. We think that Boom Esports is our hardest enemy on the finals, but we will give our best to defeat them and take the first place for Wortex-Gaming.

Overwatch Team consists of:

Siim ‘Virus’ Vorobjev

Karel ‘RuZy’ Hinno

Fred ‘Eddy’ Jõks

Rasmus ’Catman’ Klaus

Erik ‘ELFerinnO’ Gagarin

Rasmus ‘Ramson’ Juurik