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PhilEba qualify for FPL-C on Faceit

POSTED BY Mario Enni 2017-12-18

Oaah! We have some great news!
PhilEba has qualified from Master League Finals to FPL Challanger. What is really good news to WORTEX & PhilEba himself.  Even tho after heavy LAN & ESEA tournament placements PhilEba founds the greater power to qualify so high.

Qualifier lasted for 2-days

Day-1 games (16th December):
5 WIN / 5 LOSE

Day-2 games (17th December):
7 WIN / 1 LOSE


We also want to say Good Job & Good Luck to another Estonian player   Sensapai who qualified also to FPL-C
This is great news to Estonian CS:GO E-Sports scene that we see rapidly qualifying talented players towards the TOP leagues.

Check out the full Placements!


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