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Let me just say right of the bat, yes this is another Battle Royal game – yes you might consider it a #PUBG #ripoff, but it is made by a company named Tencent.
Tencent of course is the creator of PUBG mobile, it is helping bring Fortnite to China and polish Ubisoft games for the Asian market – so this is not just a wannabe, 2 month old, x1 hit wonder game developer.

For some time now the company is working on their own Battle royal game called “Ring Of Elysium”, which is currently in Early Access with servers only in Thailand, but you can play it from anywhere in the world! How to set it up? – Video below!

But what is Ring Of Elysium and why would anyone should actually give a…. duck. 

Are you tired of your friends and randoms arguing over which is better PUBG or Fortnite, when you clearly can’t compare them…
Wanna try something new? But don’t want to invest another 20€ in a Battle Royal game? – Ring Of Elysium (referred as ROE later on in the post) might be what you are looking for!

Developer: Tencent
Stage: Early Access
Price: Free

Like most Battle Royals you will drop in from a plane, onto an Island, you and/or your squad will have to loot, kill, run, stay in the safe zone and be the last man standing if you want to win!
As you would expect this is no easy task! As in most of the Battle Royals you will be able to go Solo, Duo or team up-to four players!

So why ROE?

If you are like me and you did enjoy #PUBG, but you want to try something new, ROE is one of the best options out there!
We know it is already way better optimized than #PUBG, but I mean what game isn’t?
The graphics in my opinion are quite nice and if you experience a weather change, i think you would be impressed! – For me this has become a very dear game in a very short amount of time, it is the little things that i enjoy!

It’s like a fine cheese that nobody knew about, but everyone who tasted it instantly liked it!

In my opinion it is a bit easier than #PUBG, more pleasing on the eye and more chilled – a perfect Battle Royal with your friends without the TryHard Scrubs, but still competitive enough to keep you around!


– Hit markers (arguable), but in my opinion very useful
– Graphics (arguable), but I enjoy them!
– Attachments will automatically attach to the gun in your hand (if it is the right attachment of course)
– Attachments will also re-attach if you are changing weapons (dropping one on the floor, the game will re-attach what it can to the new weapon you are picking up)
– On the fly scope change (so you will be able to attach two scopes, to most of the guns and switch between them fast!)
– Tired of your friend who doesn’t know How To Compass? – In ROE you can PING, kinda like in R6S.
– As seen in the video above, you can destroy some parts of the environment and make it work in your favor!

– Runs great on lower specs and laptops. Opening up the playerbase.
– The weekly/daily challenges aren’t just based around kills, has a variety of challenges to complete. ranging from, of course, being the last one standing to picking up a level 3 vest in 3 separate games. Random but it gives variety to the gameplay.
-Suits most playstyles, go out and hunt players or sneak around and run the ring. both are valid options. And with the gun variety you’ll slowly start to build your ideal loadout


– Sound will definitely need to improve (guns sound like toy guns, footsteps are like running in fisherman’s shoes)
– Car handling still needs a lot of work
– You can heal up-to 100% by using bandages/medkits
– Too much loot (yes you read that correctly :D, Groza’s and Ak’s everywhere)
– Indication of the drops could be a bit better (arguable)
– Since the game is free unfortunately it does get its fair share of hackers :-/
– Fall damage is all over the place (soon to be fixed, as the rumors have it)

– If they can’t get enough players in a match, bots are added. Not many per match but if you come across one it’s pretty noticeable. When shot they just stand still and do nothing till they are killed. Doesn’t take away from the experience too much, just some may see it in a negative way or boosting K/D if you stumble upon one.
– The cosmetic crates don’t really feel worth trading in credits for, very few are permanent so you trade in your credits to get…let’s say a face mask for 3 days. not really worth it. Not really a gripe on the game but just a little something that’s kind of like. Meh. Not hugely customization friendly like other BR games such as H1Z1. But more than PUBG (as it’s free to open crates) and Fortnite (which makes you pay real money for whole outfits rather than different items to create your own design)

Of course it is gonna have some bugs, some glitches and maybe even a random crash every now and again… But remember it is a Early Access Title and it is already offering a smoother and more optimized experience with greater weapon variety and tactical depth than Steam’s (former?) number one title.

Since it is free give it a try, what is the worst that could happen? – Would love to hear your feedback in the comments, on Facebook or in our Discord!

Quick install guide:

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