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We’re looking for News Writers

POSTED BY Mario Enni 2017-08-25

In order to maintain an active article section on our website, we’re looking for talented and motivated writers who would like to gain some more experience and/or just want to help us grow our content section.

Although it does not always work out for everyone, If you are looking to gain experience or set your first steps in the world of esports then this is the right position for you.


What are we looking for?

We’re looking for creative theorycrafting writers. We will assist you as much as we can when trying to grab our players for some input for your article, or incase you are trying to interview them.

General requirements:
– 16 years or older
– Good written English skills
– Able to submit an article roughly every 1 weeks.
First Person Shooter writersOverwatchCounter-Strike Global Offensive

Type of articles in CSGO: articles explaining offensive and defensive strategies, smoke guides, loadout discussions.

Type of articles in Overwatch: Anything! We’re very open minded because it’s a brand new game so feel free to get creative!

What do you get from this?

This position is not paid, but we have some cool motivation packs when you do a great job.


How can you apply or find out more about this?

You can send an application or any further questions to If you send in an application please introduce yourself and tell us why you would like to join us. Also please mention what sort of content ideas you have.

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