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It’s a new year and a new chance for our young and talented CS:GO team to qualify for big LAN’s & Tournaments. This year is all about committing and winning. We started this year with a WIN in Gfinity Esports CS:GO Winter Series 2018 with score 1612 vs Titanium Cloud e-Sports. 

There has been no line-up changes & we are really looking forward to play with the same line-up on all this years events. zteeek ,  DoisTa ,  sunnse, PhilEba,  EscapeR

This years plans & up-coming events are:


There are many more events coming up on the run this year, but we might have to have a stand in player for LAN’s like “Playfair” due to zteeek is on vacation at that time. We will keep you posted how things will run for that LAN for WORTEX.

What did we achieve in 2017 with CS:GO?

  • 1st Place – PAIDE LAN 2017 SUMMER 300.- EUR + GEAR (Team Lexon)
  • 1st Place – RG LAN 2017 Fall – 500.- EUR + GEAR (Team Lexon)
  • 6th Place – ESEA EU Open (Advanced from ESEA EU Open to ESEA Main League S27 + 350.- EUR)
  • 4th Place – Interlan 2017 (75.- EUR)
  • 3rd Place – Go4CS:GO Europe Cup #280 (50.- EUR)

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