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We managed to place 5th on ESEA Season 23 in Intermediate with our CS:GO team and secure our spot for this year Season 24 on ESEA Main.

CS:GO team had a little break from the last Season games and tournaments. The 2017 kicked off with a small line-up change. Brodish had to leave the team because of University studies and get replaced by haeftig.

Team has been training hard for this Season games and is looking forward for the interesting matches.


Team Captain CEYN saying:

What do you think about your performance for this season?

I think the new line up is strong, really strong. We have awesome teamplay and now even better firepower with our new member haeftig. I think we can reach our goals and even more with current line-up. I have high expectations for up-coming Season and tournaments we’re planning to participate in this year.


We’re entering ESEA Main league Season 24 with next line-up:

Astor “CEYN” Carlsson

Oskar “PHYRN” Palmqvist

Tim “haeftig” Svensson

Pontus “PottuSS” Wippås

Jonas “ayes” Åslund


ESEA official team page:


ESEA main league has about 70 registered teams who will be participating on Season 24 matches. You can check the full team list from ESEA.

Move ups from Open to Main will be done based on the number of teams needed to fill Main divisions to a level that ESEA deems competitive. Therefore, the number of teams moved up to Main from Open will be variable per season and will be influenced by the number of Main teams that are marked dead or are moved down, and the number of Intermediate teams that are moved up. Open teams will be ordered by their post-season placing and generally, but not guaranteed, 4 teams will be moved up.

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