Yeah! That’s right we’re looking for young talents to our PUBG Academy squad, what will consist of 4 main players and 1 back-up player. So overall we’re looking for 5 people.

Since PUBG is growing rapidly with days & we have great interest towards this game and there are a lot of people who are looking for a shot in up-coming tournaments. Now, how does the structure work then for Academy? Academy team is lead by the MAIN team by the Captain LFreshh. Who will guide the team trough different tournaments & trainings.

Do you get a chance to play in the MAIN squad at tournaments?

Yes, you will if you’re true worthy playing there. So keep training hard, you will be asked to step in for main players sometimes on the tournaments.
So if you think that, you’re interested joining the Academy squad, then don’t hesitate to apply.


  • You’re 16+ years old
  • You’re fluent in Estonian or English | grammar & speech (We’re not looking just Estonian players).
  • You’re willing to put some effort on the squad
  • You’re a team player & looking to have some great time with your new mates.
  • You’re not flaming, that means you’re keeping your temper calm.

It doesn’t matter are you a female or a male, send your application now to get the chance to play in the academy squad.

How to apply? 

Just join us on Discord by joining via the link here: & write in #PUBG channel.
“Hello, my name is “Your nick” & I am here to apply for PUBG Academy squad.