Next week on 8th to 10th December our CS:GO team will participate Interlan 2017 LAN. We have asked few questions from the Captain about up-coming event and overall, how has the team been for a month now. We hope to see as much as possible supporters, fans at the event so we can have some great time there! Also, we will be picking an awesome picture at the end of the event from the Instagram & the winner will get an awesome prize. Use #wortex during Interlan event and post a picture with that TAG to Instagram & let the best picture win. Follow @officialwortex on Instagram.

So what does Zteeek think about the up-coming event?

What are your expectations going into InterLAN?

Of course we want to win, but we’d also be satisfied with a top3 finish. As this is the last interLAN, then we would want to claim the title for ourselves. Anything below top5 would be a disappointment for us.

Who are the main teams that you are keeping your eye on as a competitor?

Theres not a single team we are aiming to beat or who we fear. We will play against every team with the same confidence, no matter how good or bad they are. Most likely our biggest rivals will come from the other Baltic countries.

InterLAN isn’t far away, what is the squad doing to prepare for it?

We are practicing as often as we can. Everyone needs to put in more hours and do a lot of individual practice to be in great form. We are also trying to increase our map pool, we know which maps we want to play, now we just need to do our homework and execute it.

How has been your month in Wortex-Gaming so far?

Great – the management is really thoughtful and fun, they always offer help when needed. We’ve been getting a lot more support from the organization that we didn’t even expect. Now it’s our time place high on tournaments and prove our worth.

What LAN are you aiming for next to participate after InterLAN?

Probably the next TTÜ LAN, but it hasn’t been announced yet. We’re also hoping to qualify to a bigger Baltic LAN and have a strong performance there.