What is Rainbow Six: Siege (referred later in the post as R6S)? – A heart gripping and mind boggling tactical multiplayer first-person shooter!
Rainbow Six: Siege has become a game that people love or hate with a passion!
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Rainbow Six: Siege
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher: Ubisoft
Released: December 1, 2015

The average R6S: match is focused around gunplay, of course, but not a lot of shooting is actually going on…
R6S is all about quick reactions, peaks, teamplay and landing your shoots!
Peaking is everything and patience is not a luxury it is something you need to have to be a good player in R6S.

RS6 is an exciting game, you have to be tactical, thoughtful and patient. Your greatest asset is your sense of hearing, after a while you will be able to instantly recognize which walls are being targeted, which entrances are getting smashed! – This is a heart-pounding experience, that throws team-play, communication, peaking and strategy in the mix – in an always changing environment as most of the map is destructible!

First ~50 Hours:

First things are first:
Operators: you will be provided with two random operators (1 for attacking / 1 for defending).
Complete Situations: get familiar and tweak the controls to your liking, also you will earn reown (in game currency), to unlock more operators.
Casual is the way to go: once you mastered the situations and have gotten familiar with controls and the pace of the game jump into casual mode and start learning the maps!
Ranked: You can start joining ranked matches after LVL 20, but i strongly recommend unlocking and getting familiar with at least 4-5 operators on each side (attack and defense) and customizing their loadout before even trying Ranked.

Also it’s a good idea to watch some streams, before getting cocky after playing a few casual games and thinking you are a Pr0.
Check out our R6S Wortex Team member – K9JerryLee.
K9JerryLee streams on twitch, quite often and you will definitely be able to pick up some tricks:  https://www.twitch.tv/k9jerrylee


While writing this post, at the moment there are 37 operators! Every operator comes with a unique ability and specific loadout – that you have to find and decide what works for you and your game style. There are a lot of operators to choose from and you will most certainly find at least a couple of your favorite ones that satisfy your game style!
The great thing about R6S is that Dev’s keep adding new operators, with new abilities – mixing the gameplay and strategies even more! Dev’s are also tweaking the existing Operators, nerfing and boosting them if needed. News maps also are made quite frequently for R6S.

The Match:

Matches are 5 vs 5 objective-based multiplayer and it demands a strong team-play, precise shots and good sense of the map, as most of the map is destructible you have be ready for anything!

Every round opens with a planning phase, in which the defending team uses character abilities and resources (wall reinforcements, barbed wire, traps, explosives) to slow down, distract, or destroy the enemy team’s encroachment. During this phase, the attacking team sends in tiny remote control drones to sneakily survey the defense. Holding down a button marks the last spotted position of defending players, while other defensive structures are communicated over voice chat. While this is happening, each team is ideally coming up with a strategy.

Running and gunning will almost certainly result in a quick death and land you on the sidelines! – Don’t worry thou, even in death your game continues as you can check cameras or drones and report and tag enemy movements to help out your team! – There have been countless matches and rounds won, just because of great communication and ”Spotting”


Terrorist hunt: a solo or co-op for up to five players. Players take on the role of either attackers or defenders, and must fight against waves of enemies controlled by AI

Situations: the game’s most significant single-player component, with 11 scenarios that serve as introductions and tutorials to the game’s mechanics.

Hostage rescue: a competitive multiplayer mode, in which the attackers must extract the hostage from the defenders, while the defenders must prevent the hostage from being rescued. A secondary manner of winning can occur if the attacking or defending team accidentally damages the hostage, causing the hostage to “down”; if the opposing team can prevent revival of the hostage, and the hostage bleeds-out and dies, they will win the round.

Bomb:  a competitive multiplayer mode, in which the attackers are tasked with locating and defusing one of two bombs. The defenders must stop the attackers by killing all of them or destroying the defuser. If all attackers are killed after the defuser is planted, the defuser must still be destroyed for a defending victory.

Secure Area: a competitive multiplayer mode, in which the defenders must protect a room with biohazard container, while the attackers must fight their way in. The match ends when all players from one team are killed or the biohazard container is secured by the attackers when there are no defenders in the room.

Team play:

One of the most important ingredients is picking your operators! I strongly recommend having at least 3-4 operators on each side (Defensive/Attacking) that you feel comfortable with.
Don’t pick the odd operator, go for something that can benefit the team – sometimes it’s better to pick an operator like Rook or Doc (on defense), that can help your team to gear up or heal if needed! – Let me remind you, every life in R6S is meaningful and precious there are no respawns, no regenerating health (unless Doc heals you).
While this one-life setup keeps you on your toes, this is where tactics and teamplay come into play and every round will be a different experience.

Tactics initially form based on which operators are picked, because their special abilities arm the team with different tools. On offense, we might focus on making noise and chaos by choosing characters who can break reinforced structures, send a series of cluster grenades through walls, and carry flash grenades. Or we could go in surgically, assembling a team that can detect and take out electronic devices, carry big riot shields, and precise weaponry.

It is completely up to you and your team how do you want to do the objective – there is no shortage of tactics, smashable walls, operator abilities that influence the game!


After logging in around ~285 Hours of gameplay, i have personally found one of my favorite shooters of all time!

Although the game still needs some changes in my opinion:
– Frequent Leavers should be banned for more then just 15 min!
It would be great to trade/sell skins.
– Taking a timeout ( 1 min ), has become a saving grace in many other online games – for connection problems and internet spikes.

All and all, R6S won’t be the game that becomes boring after first 100 Hrs, you only start getting good after 100 Hrs.

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