After TTÜ Esport Winter 2018 – CS:GO has decided to part away with EscapeR and Sunnse & replace them with feeldtzz and KrassNer from Firewall Gaming. It’s been a hard decicion for the team & players, but sometimes changes are necessary to keep yourself on the Esport scene. Already yesterday the new line-up showed great results on ESEA Main League as they secured 2 wins.

WORTEX.csgo 19 vs 17 Squared eSports
ESEA Main Match Link

WORTEX.csgo 16 vs 7 HEXAGONE eSports 
ESEA Main Match Link

Team Captain Kevin ‘ zteeek ‘ Rohurand commenting: 

1. Why did you decide to swap sunnse & EscapeR for two new players?

After being together for almost 6 months, we felt like we needed “new blood“. Players who would bring in new ideas and are motivated to play. Also EscapeR couldn’t solely focus on the team, as he had volleyball practice frequently, every week that took our practice amounts down.

2. Why did you pick feeldtzz and KrassNer to the team?

When we’re looking for new players, we we’re seeking for lots of firepower and that was exactly what they offered. feeltdzz has proven to play at a “Top Level” in Estonia, while KrassNer is still a fairly young & up-coming talented player. Both of them have the will and motivation to play well and help WORTEX.csgo reach new goals. I will be taking the AWP role from EscapeR, while also in-game leading with the help of feeltdzz

3. How did the TTÜ Esport Winter 2018 affect your decicion?

We actually wanted to have a roster change before the LAN, but we decided to play this one out and see how it goes. The result was not what we were looking for, therefore the change had to happen. There are many shuffles going around in Estonian teams currently after TTÜ Esport Winter 2018. Luckily we got the players that we wanted and are ready to show a strong performance at BESL Pro Season 1!

We want to thank sunnse and EscapeR for their time & effort that they have placed to WORTEX.csgo. We always had good laughs, tons of fun together. It was a hard decision to swap them out – but sometimes you have to see through friendships and do things you don’t want to, if that’s what it takes to become better.


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