BESL Pro Season 1 is a nine week competition within whom each week teams face each other in a two Best-of-One game series (also known as double header) fighting for the prize pool of €7,000. Each of the games rewards teams with points based on the outcome. For a victory in regulation time a team is rewarded with 3 points, while for a victory in overtime the winning team receives 2 points and losing team – 1 point.

At the end of the regular season, four best teams will qualify for the league LAN finals held at Hypertown Riga 2018 EXPO taking place on 26th of May at Ķipsala exhibition center in Riga, Latvia. Tickets are already available and can be purchased here!

It has been a hard & thrilling journey to this point where we’re standing currently on the leaderboard. We have played against many strong teams and have proven ourselves that we can stay strong even against really hard opponents.

This week we managed to win against another Latvian team MALCO  with next results:

Map 1 – de_Cobblestone – WORTEX 16:11 MALCO 
Map 2 – de_Nuke – 

Feedbacks from our CS:GO Captain Kevin ‘zteeek‘ Rohurand about the past games: 

Map 1 – de_cache – WORTEX 16:12 XGR eSports
Map 2 – de_mirage – WORTEX 14:16 XGR eSports

“Going into the game against XGR eSports we knew that they were a team who is relying purely on their aim, so the maps were completely understandable. Before the games started we thought we were going to have a hard time on cache, but mirage should be doable for us.

On the first map (cache) we lost the knife round, therefore we starting on the T side which we actually wanted. Nothing to say on T side really, we just crushed them. Everyone was hitting their shots. PhilEba went mid and got 1 or 2 entries almost every round, everyone played really well. We won the half 12-3. Then the infamous CT side started, where we almost always choke and this was no exception. We suddenly couldn’t get any kills, but somehow we still managed to end the game 16-12. The game was a lot closer than it seemed at first. Without our amazing T side, the game would’ve probably ended in the favour of XGR eSports.

So after cache we were really confident going into mirage, because we knew that we could crush them if we play correctly. Also a thing to note is that mirage is a stronger map for us (on paper). This time we won the knife round, thus we started on CT side. The game didn’t start so well, as we were down 1-8. They were really heavy on mid control early on, but eventually we managed to adapt and started to fight back. When we shut down their mid take, they had no idea what to do. We got 6 rounds in a row, ending the half 7-8 in their favor. On T side we won the pistol round and didn’t throw away the 2 up-coming ecos of XGR eSports. But once the first gun round started we completely collapsed. Some rounds worked out, but most of the time we got shut down. We were behind 12-15, we decided to go for a standard A smoke strat. That didn’t work out as everyone died and that left PhilEba in a 1v3. Everyone thought it was over, but PhilEba clutched it. That brought a huge morale and confidence boost into our team. We knew that guys of XGR eSports were tilted after that round and they had to eco. So it was looking great for us. On the last round, before the potential overtime, we were in a 3v2 situation, but we made stupid mistakes by peeking CT spawn 1 by 1 and ended up losing the game 14-16.

Overall – playing a 1-1 series against XGR eSports is not a bad result, although we would have prefered it to be a 2-0 as it would’ve been perfect for us to get closer to securing that top4 and a spot in LAN finals!”

Map 1 – de_cbble – NotLikeThis 9:16 WORTEX
Map 2 – de_cache – NotLikeThis 18:22 WORTEX

“I was thrilled when I saw that we matched against NotLikeThis, because we knew that we could potentially take them 2-0. The veto was okay-ish, even tho the maps didn’t favour us at all.
Going into the first map (cbble) we had no idea what to expect. We won the knife round and chose to start on the CT side. On the first pistol we were expecting a drop rush, so we were stacking 4 towards drop. Even tho we had the perfect setup, they still managed to win the aim duels and secure the round. After that there were back and forth force round wins. We finally ended it by taking 2 rounds in a row which led to them ecoing. We started playing 2 players towards A, because they were always pressuring A long and taking mid control. It worked well as we took 4 rounds in a row. They started holding defaults which made us impatient. We were getting overconfident and started making stupid mistakes. The half ended 8-7 in our favour. On T pistol we rushed A with me lurking drop. We got the entry on A, but we decided to run back to B while I was holding back the rotates from connector. We won the round thanks to 3 beautiful glock kills by feeldtzz. When the first gun round started we realised that they were playing really passive on A, so we capitalised by taking mid and long control every round. We got really close and exploded in together, trading the necessary frags and just overrunning them on T side finishing off the game 16-9.

The second map (cache) was a completely different story though! We lost the knife round and they chose to start on CT side. We played our Cache T side like we always do, trying to find entries and playing off of information. We had no real game-plan, we just went with the flow. It ended up being horrible actually, because we had no idea what to do. We were so lost, but somehow we got the required entries and won the first half 9-6. It could’ve been A LOT better though. We knew that CT side was going to be a challenge, we always seem to do better on T side cache. They were always taking mid control and we couldn’t do anything against that. After being behind 10-15, we finally decided to give up mid and play from sites. That’s when we finally started getting rounds and made the comeback happen. Every single round until overtime was super close since every time we were outnumbered and someone had to make a clutch play. None of us can believe how we managed to take the game into overtime. When it happened we were relieved by the stress and just focused on our game. The game was really nerve-racking, because both teams made tons of mistakes, but we still came out on top winning 22-18.

All in all, we’re really happy with the result as we did take 5 points from these games. Gotta keep the win streak going!”

Map 1 – de_mirage – Team SPLY 3:16 WORTEX
Map 2 – de_inferno – Team SPLY 12:16 WORTEX

“To be completely honest, before the game against Team SPLY we were a little bit scared as we knew that Team SPLY are actually a good team that has been playing together for a good while now.

On the first map (mirage) we won the knife round and decided to start on CT side. After a few won rounds we just started rolling and with each won round we just gained more and more confidence. All this confidence just made it easier for us to win the game as we were taking all the aim duels possible and winning them. Everyone on my team was on point whole game long!

After an easy game on mirage we were really confident going into second map (inferno), but it kind of backfired. After a horrible 5-10 half, we decided to pick ourselves up on CT side and focus on one round at a time. Team SPLY was a hard enemy for us, but after a little bit of struggling we managed to close out the game and win the series 2-0!”

Map 1 – de_mirage – aesthetic 2:16 WORTEX
Map 2 – de_inferno – aesthetic 12:16 WORTEX

“Going into the match against aesthetic we had no idea how they were going to play as we didn’t do any research. So we decided to just play our game and see how it goes.

First map was mirage, we lost the knife round and aesthetic decided to start on the CT side. On T pistol round we made a crucial mistake of giving PhilEba the bomb which led to him making an unnecessary rotation and us not being able to get the bomb down. That didn’t phase us though, because we managed to win the second round with deagles and CZ’s. After that we just managed to out aim them, we didn’t do anything fancy. We knew that we were the better team and we were full of confidence. We ended the half 13-2 in our favour. Going into the CT side we played A retake, as aesthetic decided to do the standard A execute. We managed to win our aim duels and they lost the pistol round. After that they had no chance and we ended up closing the game 16-2.

Second map was Inferno, once again we lost the knife round which led to them picking CT side. On T pistol we decided to go contact second mid, but the enemy read us well as they flashed and did a 2-man peek from balcony. Somehow we still got the needed kills and that left us with an open A site. They failed to retake it as the numbers were in our favour. After that we did the exact same thing that we did on Mirage, we just kept going together, trading frags, playing classic T side. We had tons of momentum from last game and we won the first half 11-4. On CT side we made tons of mistakes, we got really greedy because we started underestimating them. We started peeking solo and taking unnecessary fights. Once they got to double digits we stopped fiddling around and ended the game 16-12.”

MALCO 16 – 11
MALCO 13 – 16
XGR eSports 16-14
XGR eSports 16 – 12
NotLikeThis 22 – 18
NotLikeThis 9-16
Team SPLY 16-12
Team SPLY 3-16
aesthetic1 6-12
aesthetic 2-16
SkinLordz 11 – 16
SkinLordz 16 – 5

The hardest matches of this league are yet to be come. We will be playing against Team Refuse on 10th April 21:00 and 22:00 Match Of The Week. We will be giving our hardest to secure both maps, but lets see how it goes against Team Refuse. Our future opponents are WASD sports & Baltic Elite, both of those teams are the hardest opponents you would like to play against. Baltic Elite who placed 4-6th on the King Of Nordic and WASD sports who placed 2nd.

Current standings

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