We’re really thrilled to announce that we managed to secure a spot to BESL Hypertown after taking 2-0 win against Žalgaris EsportLAN finals are held at Hypertown Riga 2018 EXPO taking place on 26th of May at Ķipsala exhibition center in RigaLatvia. Tickets are already available and can be purchased here!

BESL Pro Season 1 is a nine week competition within whom each week teams face each other in a two Best-of-One game series (also known as double header) fighting for the prize pool of €7,000.

Teams who qualified for the finals:
 WASD Sports (ViZta, Gaborik, Bitchir, Dodz, Sperr)
 Team Refuse (aikas, carcass, haflex, pounh,)
 WORTEX (ph1leba, zteeek, DoisTa, KrassNer, feeldtzz )
 SkinLordz (hyskeee, elvisg, captain, raw, preliden)