Great things are happening again, after qualifying to BESL finals, we also managed to win event with our CS:GO line-up at PlayFair 2018 what was held in Tallinna Lauluväljak 27-29. April. After securing second place at group stage games and only losing to XGR-X team Day-1 had ended for us.

We qualified to the playoffs where we won every single game before half-finals, where we placed against XGR-X team once again. After playing BO3 we had to face our second defeat against them. ZIILA surprising us with insane performance and shokz with his one taps, there was not much we could do.

Kevin ‘ zteeek ‘ Rohurand commenting: 

After qualifying to BESL LAN Finals we were really confident going into Playfair, we only had 1 goal and that was to take the trophy home. Group stage went relatively easily, winning every game with one game ending with tie and also except one which was against XGR-X who we met again in the grand finals.

Going into the playoffs, the first real challenge was vs XGR-X as we lost 12 against them and fell into the loser bracket final. Then we met EVILNINE, who crushed us on Mirage CT side as they won the first half 12-3. We managed to scrape some rounds together on our CT side, but it wasn’t enough as we lost 1016. We went into the 2 remaining maps with a fresh mindset and no mercy, winning Cobblestone 162 and Train 167.

After that we advanced to the grand finals, only to be faced against XGR-X for the third time. We did the exact same veto we had last time, because we felt the maps weren’t the problem, we just couldn’t get it rolling. This time we barely edged out a 1614 win on Mirage and a quite convincing 1611 win on Inferno which made us the champions of PlayFair 2018. First map was really close as it could’ve went either way. Overall the entire event was top-notch, delays were minimal and we didn’t have any problems.

It felt great getting some experience playing on a “stage” before the real show at HyperTown Riga LAN Finals! Only good words to the production team and I hope we see another PlayFair in the near future.