ESA Contender Series EU Season 1  is a new Rainbow 6 League which is seven week competition within whom each week teams face each other in a Bo3. We’re are currently sitting – 0 record in leaderboard and leading the ranking’s and we might able to close the season with 7 – 0 record when last game will be played on 8th May. Where will be facing North Sea Academy 

Word from our Manager Elari “PinkElephant” Ray:

I am very thrilled that my player’s have been proven that they are ready for any challenge. Guys taking each match seriously even If it’s a testing period for us – If we wanna play in Challanger or Pro League, we have to start have routine. With that kinda format player’s can start to have a routine and also getting valuable experience which will help in Challenger or Pro League.

WORTEX.R6 vs Semper Fi
Map1: Oregon 50
Map2: Club House 53
WORTEX.R6 vs K9 eSports
Map1: Oregon 52
Map2: Club House 50

Captain of Team WORTEX R6S Casper “Aceddia” Lohk

Since January it’s has been difficult to get on the rythm, but now it seems that there is a good momentum inside. The team has certain training days and has developed into a scrim community. I have completed my team exactly as my assumptions and expectations were. Everything must be done step by step and ESA tournament is perhaps the biggest undertaking of this half-year because the tournament itself is the first time in Europe, and its launch has been a rather complicated process. However, the ESA EU tournament was the most proven place for us in person to survive in the 2 month battle with well-known clubs .

As you can see, for a moment we are leaders with five wins and no loss. This is a great boost to our ego that we’re doing the right thing. The biggest one was the winning K9, with which we already had a personal rivalry when they won us on ESL tournament (Bo1) and then we got revenge on ESA Bo3 and showed them well who really are the True Champions of ESA. A great part of the success has been the current season META. Rainbow 6 as a game, has been very difficult this season. Pro League players have repeatedly thrown the arrow of criticism of the Year 3. After Lion were released, many teams immediately had difficulties with new META.

The Pro League alone had a 100% pickrate for Lion, which broke record’s. As a team, we quickly realized what kind of operators and which maps should be played to stay competitive. Thankfully 04/30/2018 patch made season bit easier with operator buffs / nerfs. Siege features are often a variable meta, this game does not cause boredom or annoyance when adding something new to the game, everything changes at the competetive level, you always have to be ready.

The success of a single season may be a disaster next, we will look at the example of the ENCE. The plans for the future are gradual evolution, and proving ourselves, we have shown that we can win everyone on a good day, but stability is still lacking, so that all days are “good”, which would be needed in the coming months. By the way, there is still one decent Rainbow 6 tournament or LAN missing in Estonia or Baltic’s”