Baltic eSports League – BESL Pro


Baltic state countries are home for an active gaming enthusiast community, that regularly competes in various tournaments and games resulting in brilliant victories and bitter defeats.
During the last couple of years, without society noticing, eSports and its community has grown to be one of the most played and watched sports around the globe.
It’s time to showcase this eSports phenomenon to Baltic state residents.
Not only this sensation has taken over the globe and sold out sports arenas around the world, it has also made tradicional sports clubs act and invest into eSports. Popular traditional sports teams like Paris St. Germain, Manchester City, Philadelphia 76ers and many more have already acquired their professional eSports teams.
TET – technology and innovation leader in Baltics, together with GOEXANIMO – one of the leading eSports organisations in Baltic states, has joined forces to create Baltic eSports League (BESL Pro).
This league will gather all the best players from 3 Baltic state countries, thus not only providing a platform where players can grow, develop and prove themselves, but also – possibly pave their way to worldwide success.
The third season of BESL Pro featured three disciplines (CS:GO, Rocket League and Playerunknown’s battlegrounds (PUBG) ) and a combined prize pool of 15 000 EUR.
Starting from 1st of April, best Baltic state teams in each discipline battled for nine weeks in order to acquire one of the four spots in the finals which were played out during HyperTown RIX EXPO from 1st till 2nd of June at Kipsala International Exhibiton Centre in Riga, Latvia.
Overall, BESL Pro yearly circuit is going to consist of 3 online seasons followed by best teams competing side by side in front of thousands of viewers during the EXPO finals that are going to change its location seasonally traveling around the Baltic state countries.
Don’t miss your chance to start your eSports career!
Further and more detailed information about BESL Pro can be found by visiting!